DHAT: Domain, Hosting, Autoresponder and Tracking. Once you start looking around for the “Perfect” crate for your project, you’re AT LEAST ready to move on your domain name and hosting.  If you’re not quite ready for hosting, I can understand; it’s an investment, although, from my experience, it’s an investment well spent.

It affords you more options overall; and yet, you should have a direction you’d like to go in before making the initial investment. On the flip side of that, though, having your hosting set up affords you the ability to experiment and learn while you earn if you make a few strategic moves.

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This should be the first step in the process; securing your domain name.

This should be the second step in the process; it’s like the engine that keeps everything moving.

This should be step 3a in the process; it helps maintain your list and streamline communication with the people on your list.


This should be an ongoing thing with your traffic as soon as possible so you will understand where your traffic is coming from so you’ll know where to focus on improvements. There are multiple ways of accomplishing this. Plugins, third-party services and even most autoresponders.

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